TGA SME Assist Workshop: Meeting Your Obligations (Brisbane)

Closed 14 Sep 2022

Opened 20 Aug 2022


SME Assist - 'Meeting Your Obligations' workshop 

Navigating the regulatory maze can be a challenge, especially if you're new to regulation.

To help, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) SME Assist presents “Meeting your Obligationsa free workshop aimed at beginners who are unfamiliar with therapeutic goods regulation.

If you have a product or medicine that is likely to be considered a therapeutic good, this workshop will help you understand your responsibilities at different stages of the regulation process.

What will be covered:

  • Fundamentals of regulation 

During this session, we’ll cover an overview of therapeutic goods regulation, including TGA’s role, the steps to seek market authorisation and helpful links for applications.

  • Product focus sessions (concurrent sessions)
  1. Medical devices (e.g. surgical instruments, bandages)
  2. Complementary medicines (e.g. vitamins, nutritional supplements)

Medical devices and complimentary medicines are two areas which generate high innovation from business.  To help potential applicants, each product focus session will provide:

  • an overview on the general principles and criteria for regulation
  • the steps involved to progress an application
  • an understanding of the regulatory considerations for manufacturing a product
  • the requirements to manage and maintain a product on the ARTG
  • an overview of how the TGA monitors ongoing compliance.

Panel Discussion

During this session our panel will share their thoughts on how business can best navigate the commercialisation journey, pitfalls to avoid, how and when to seek out different support and guidance as well as answer questions from the audience.

Panel members

  • Ben Noyen – Assistant Secretary, Regulatory Engagement Branch, TGA
  • Jeremy Barker –  Growth Facilitator, Entrepreneurs' Programme, AusIndustry
  • Industry Speaker - TBC

What happens next

We will contact you after your registration has been submitted, and provide an agenda closer to the workshop.

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