Public consultation on interim decisions to amend the Poisons Standard - ACMS, ACCS, Joint ACMS-ACCS, November 2021

Closed 11 Apr 2022

Opened 10 Mar 2022


Scheduling amendments referred to expert advisory committee

This consultation is for interim decisions made in relation to applications to amend the Poisons Standard, following advice sought at the 3-4 November 2021 meetings of the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling (ACMS) and the Advisory Committee on Chemicals Scheduling (ACCS).

The closing date for this consultation is close of business 11 April 2022. All submissions received by the deadline will be considered by the delegate before they make a final decision.

The interim decisions under this consultation are detailed in the public notice of interim decisions of November 2021 published on 10 March 2022.

Substances for which public comment is sought:

  • Item 2.1 - Astodrimer sodium
  • Item 2.2 - Flurbiprofen
  • Item 3.1 - Cis-jasmone
  • Item 3.2 - Cannabis and tetrahydrocannabinols
  • Item 3.3 - Meloxicam
  • Item 3.4 - Choline salicylate
  • Item 4.1 - Chromates and chromium trioxide

What happens next

All public submissions will be published on the TGA website at Public submissions on scheduling matters, unless marked confidential or indicated otherwise in the submission information (see Privacy and your Personal information).

Public submissions are an important part of the process for amending the Poison Standard, and are published on the TGA website using the consultation hub.  Submissions by the public may not reflect the views of the Department of Health or TGA.  Published submissions should not be taken as being endorsed by the Department or TGA.

Following consideration of public submissions received before the closing date and advice from the expert advisory committees, decisions on the proposed amendments are anticipated to be published as final decisions on the TGA website: Scheduling delegate's final decisions  in April 2022.



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