Application to amend the Poisons Standard (closed)

Closes 15 Jul 2023

Toxicity information

1. If you have prepared a document with toxicity information, please upload your document as an attachment below:
Please make sure your file is under 25MB

If you have not prepared any document with toxicity information, download and complete the Toxicity Table provided by us here and upload it above.

More information

To make sure we can view your document, upload your file in these formats: .doc, .docx or .pdf.

2. Where data is available, we encourage you to provide the acute toxicity information in the Toxicity Table above and other toxicities under the relevant sub-headings below. If there is no data available, please indicate this with words to the effect of “no information” along with your justification as to why this should not hinder the scheduling consideration.

More information

If there are acute toxicity information in addition to what you have provided in the Toxicity Table, you can list them above.

For example:

  • acute oral toxicity
  • acute dermal toxicity
  • acute inhalation toxicity

More information

Some examples of other toxicity information can be but are not limited to:

  • immunotoxicity
  • phototoxicity
  • neurotoxicity
  • pharmacokinetics
  • mode of action studies